Landmark Drywall Company
has been in operation since 1997 and we strive to provide our customers and business partners with:


     1.      Professionalism

     2.     Quality of work

     3.      Equitable pricing 

     4.      Integrity
5.      Superior service


We have completed a large variety of jobs for clients including:



          Framing, sheet rock, ceiling grid installation for a new hair salon.
Hang, tape, and hand texture projects ranging from 1500-5000 square feet.
Hang, tape, and texture a resort clubhouse.

          Replacing existing walls/ceiling areas in a late 19th-century home.
Hang, tape, and orange peel texture an apartment complex clubhouse.


Our primary operations involve providing clients with the full spectrum of drywall finish, including material procurement, hanging, taping, and texture.  We also offer the services of fire/water damage repair, remodel, and popcorn texture removal. These broad range of services enable clients to have a greater selection of options to choose from when finishing a project. 

Licensing, Insurance
          Landmark Drywall Company is a Registered Contractor with the state of Idaho as well as a registered Public Works Contractor. We are insured for both Worker's Compensation and General Liability coverage and also have bonding coverage through our insurance provider.


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